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Qu’ran Plegarized Doctrines

Are you aware of the Arian Heresy?    Muhammad starts to take Advantage, during the Decline of the Roman Empire under Heraclion.  In order to have a plausible start he proclaimed loudly that those contentions of the Arian’s, Catholics and Jews had brought on the disasters of the Roman Empire.    Then under the counsel of an […]

To the Rescue

Truth, We are born behind enemy lines as enemy combatants, pinned down by the enemy, by allurements, promises but are false satisfactions with a Hook of Death, as in fishing, baited hooks. As with War Planes they can Liberate or Terminate depending on whose side you want to be on, by Personal Choice. HYH to […]

Truth Your Turn Demonstrable

Just A Piece of Paper

Absolute Truth

Absolute Truth Contest for Truth with a Blank Piece of Paper be it political, religious, scientific or ?

Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

To the 84 Bloggers   May the Omniscient Bless You!  and all others Looking for the Absolute Truth.  Pilot asked Jesus What is Truth, and he was Looking Him right in the Face, being incognito and not a pretty boy,  missing the Worlds Standards for Acceptance, as it is today too.

Words without writing

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

Perspective from the Movie Schindler’s List, Saving Lives from the Fiery Furnaces, Another one like Hitler wants all in the Fire, HYH Incognito to help people escape the Subtle Deceptions that keep people from knowing about Life and having Life with Reality, why am I here, and where am I going, To Know HY The […]

World is a War Zone

We were born behind Enemy Ines and as an Enemy Too.  Our Enemy wants to keep us on the Losing Side. Enemy got you pinned down, what to do call in air support,   HYHY to the Rescue by personal choice,  Just a Paper Airplane is enough for the Opportunity to be Delivered,  reject it, […]

Omniscient Design

HYHY to the Rescue