Word of HYHY is to Change Us

@ Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions: The Global …
@Ecumenical Council
Dream I had 1/10/2014 I went to Church, after arriving I saw a lot of people and old friends, some from different denominations and other religions. 
It came to Mind, we are not there to Change the Word of OF GOD, WE are there to be Changed by the Word of GOD

Now we need a Contest for Truth, for All, with a Blank Piece of Paper, Demonstrate Your Bottom Line, revealing the Plan of the GOD you are Following by Simply Folding and Cutting, to Explain ony what can be Shown, method and the message Consistent with History! 
Message to All, Your DEMO? 

ELOHIM’S DEMO Airplane Global Message, can bring HYHY and Mankind Together. Fighter Plane needed for this War Zone Planet Earth, Our Enemy is Satan, the Liberator or Terminator since we’ve been givine a Choice whose side we want to be On, Q Bob Dyan gotta serve some body be the Devil or the Lord HYH IAM EQ. 
http://truth-revealed.name> for the Rest of the Words from the Wings, @hibbard124.com.


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