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  1. steve albright · · Reply

    I saw your white car last night at the shake shack and felt prompted to lookup your website hubbard124.com…I like how you are heralding the name yeshua since his name is the only name given by which anyone can be saved…and at his name every knee will bow and confess that “Jesus Christ is Lord” ..but at that future time we don’t know how is will sound, whether He will have each human confess in their native tongue or if the confession will come out in His common supernatural heavenly language..of course when the Spirit was poured out they preached in different languages that the visiting people understood….anyway,…. when I pray I like to say to him “yes you are…yes you ahhh…yes u ah…yeshua”…cuz the holy spirit reminds me that all the promises of God are YES in him, and because of who he is and what he did suffering paying for our sins, and what he’s doing now and in the future…all I can say is “ahhhhh”…”yes YOU ahhh”.
    it’s just what people call a “play on words” but it’s not playing for me because He is the I AM and when I say “yes you ARE” I am setting my mind on things above where He is…and happily reminding myself and declaring to the demonic loser disarmed spirits the wonderful truth that sets us free…”Christ IN you – The Hope of Glory” …and it’s so awesome that the Omniscient One understands believers praying in numerous human language dialects which are temporary tools translated by the Omni-One (3-in-1) of the real continuous online spirit-Spirit connection He has with us every moment your heart beats and you breathe a breath…the Holy Spirit helps us with our weakness to pray (sunantilambanatai…with-against-lift) like two lifting a table with one another opposite each other face to face lifting the table!!!! I know my comment is free-flowing and disjointed or ungrammatical but I felt ok to let it flow since you website like that…. I wish I had checked who the white car belonged to at the shake shack cuz it would have been interesting to meet whoever you are. “Yes YOU Are….Yes You ahhhhh” !!!!!

    1. Agape. Brother Sorry for the Delay. Dennis Hibbard on FB or Demo. YouTube Paper Airplanes California Producer John Knapp

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