Plane Truth, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth Offer, Key to Eternal Life.

Key to Divine Guidance, now and Forever. To the Eternal Kingdom Hebrews 1:8-9 Revelation 21,22.

NASA can offer a ride into Space, how far are you going to get, will you get to Heaven with the Key to Get In. 7 Billion Plus need to go, past present and future?

Lot of Companies with Signs Everywhere, for Temporal Items. Even after 100yrs in business. I see no such thing For YESHUA, who offers True Satisfaction, Reality, Freedom from Guilt, Peace of Mind.



  1. God of this World Satan. Cage Rattled. Remember I don’t know You, Truth Exist Light to Bright for You, You Should be Joyful

  2. Thank You, You are for a Blessing. Matthew 5:12 Record 2000Yrs Ago

    1. Daniel 12:3-Matthew 19:27-30=STARBUCKS.

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