Life’s Options From Allah in Arabic with Latin Letters


Little History, in Israel  Baal and Baal Prophets were claiming to be GOD,  along with HWHY Elijah  creating problems, who’s in charge, some 2600 years ago.  The Contest  I Kings 18:20 – 38  build and altar, whoever could take it out by Fire, proved who God  Baal or HWHY,  HWHY proved to be the Winner.

Now 2600 years later  the Contest is between  ALLAH and HWHY well it is simple by just as hard.  Just a blank Piece of paper simply folded and cut to reveal  who’s telling the Truth.

Seen above what ALLAH  breaks down to,  Nar and the Name for GOD  HY God of Israel. leaving in Arabic no alternative or Name since  ALLAH is a Title or plan ALLAH might have.


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  1. PS Nar the four pieces leaves No Options, In Hebrew it’s either HY GOD or YH Woe

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